Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

bed bug infestation

Bed Bug Infestation - Deal with Quickly

Bed bugs, as the name suggest are tiny creepy, crawly creatures in the bed. These insects are commonly found in bedding, furniture, curtains and rugs where human traffic is high. There is a misconception that theses creature infect dirty and filthy places, however this is not true. These bed bugs are attracted towards the blood of the host. It is highly important to learn about how to spot the signs of a bed bug infestation in a place or a room.

Bed bugs do not suddenly pop up; it has to come from somewhere. Mostly these bugs are brought into homes by animals, people, luggage, books and other objects. Since these insects are very small in size an individual cannot see through naked eyes unless one is really searching for it. When an individual has the slightest doubt of bed bugs living in his or her home, they have to look for signs that encourage bed bugs. The individual will then have to start defending against them.

The common signs that attract bed bugs are pets like cats and dogs. Bed bugs can move from one place to the other easily and especially love to live in a humid, tropical climate. The bed bugs like’s places that are high in human traffic, like homeless shelters and schools. Bed bugs can be found active only during the night. If an individual spots stains of unexplained blood on the bedding, sheets or mattress there are high chances of bed bugs residing in that bed. By taking a closer look on the bed one can also find small tiny insect loaded with blood moving around.

Bed bugs are also found in other places too. One of the most common places that the bed bug use as its hide out is the corners of the wall. By taking a close look at the base boards and wall papers one can detect the signs of Bed Bug infestation. If an individual finds tiny specks of blood stains on the wall or on the wall paper which looks like tar one can suspect existence of bed bug in the area. If possible on. can also peel off a portion of wall paper to check for the existence of these tiny insects.

An individual will also have to check the cushion, couches, chairs and dog bedding for signs of bed bug infestation. The discharge left behind from the body of the insect is a sweet and strong scent of secretion, which is a major sign of bed bug infestation in the house. But sometimes this smell is misunderstood to be a musty odor.

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